Terms Of Service

**Updated 2017-01-12**

Please read these terms of service before scheduling.

1. By scheduling an appointment with Jon Upson, you agree to keep our scheduled appointment or cancel/reschedule in written form (email/text) with at least 24 hours notice. A non-refundable 50% reservation deposit is required to book. This is because I block off time in my calendar when you book, and it automatically turns down other inquiries for that specific time slot.

2. You agree to pay all invoices before our scheduled appointment time, and you understand that images will be released once payment is received.

3. You agree to abide by your image license that is written out on the invoice you receive. If the terms of use are not outlined on your invoice, you must always assume that image copyright remains with the photographer. Images may never be transferred or sold to a third party without written permission from Jon Upson. This includes, but is not limited to: magazines

4. You understand that Jon Upson can use your information to contact you, but will never provide your information to any other party for any reason unless told to do so by law. Which I don’t see happening. So keep your nose clean and we won’t have a problem.

You also agree to be happy and cheery. Also, maybe you could tell all your friends about me too.